Silence 沈黙
Gun battery 砲台
LVT-2 強襲揚陸艇
Sinking 沈船
Wreck 沈船
Gun 銃
Shower of cherry blossoms 花散りにし
Grave of thousand soldiers 千人墓地
MABI desert after flood damage 真備砂漠
MABI desert after flood damage 真備砂漠

A small town of Mabi has been hit by heavy floods.Fifty one persons have died in this town.After the flood subside、anywhere of the town were filled by sands.There were like a desert because of sands and unparalleled heat.(Mabi/Okayama、Japan) 真備という小さな町を洪水が襲った。51名が犠牲になった。水が引いたあとは土砂に埋め尽くされ、未曽有の夏の厳しい暑さと相まって砂漠のようだった。