Silence 沈黙
Gun battery 砲台
LVT-2 強襲揚陸艇
Sinking 沈船
Wreck 沈船
Gun 銃
Shower of cherry blossoms 花散りにし
Grave of thousand soldiers 千人墓地
MABI desert after flood damage 真備砂漠
Shower of cherry blossoms 花散りにし

Thousands of fish surrounded an armed cargo ship having been sunk by U.S Navy at the world warⅡ.It looked like a shower of cherry blossoms to be loved by japanese.(Ogasawara-isis/Tokyo、Japan) 大戦中に米軍が沈めた徴用船の周囲を小魚の群れが取り囲む。日本人が愛する桜吹雪の如く。