The scar 傷あり
Young spam whale 若いマッコウ
Hustle and Bustle てんやわんや
Rolling じゅごんごろん
Suckling 授乳
Mother&Baby 母子
Jump up! ぴょん
Eye Contact 目があった
Humbackwhale and a diver
Manta-train マンタトレイン
Swimming with whaleshark
Big-Mantaray デカい
Mother&Baby 母子

Baby dolphin that has been just born is not so good for swimming and taking a breath.So you may feel the clumsiness is cute .Interval of breathing is short and he often go to the surface as closing to the mother.(Mikura-Is/Tokyo、Japan) 生まれて間もない赤ちゃんイルカは泳ぎも呼吸のやり方もへたくそだけれど、その不器用さがかわいい。呼吸間隔は短く、母親にぴったりとくっついて水面へ向かう回数も多い。