The scar 傷あり
Young spam whale 若いマッコウ
Hustle and Bustle てんやわんや
Rolling じゅごんごろん
Suckling 授乳
Mother&Baby 母子
Jump up! ぴょん
Eye Contact 目があった
Humbackwhale and a diver
Manta-train マンタトレイン
Swimming with whaleshark
Big-Mantaray デカい
Swimming with whaleshark

It was not the scene that a diver had been attacked.Whalesharks are the biggest fish.But they eat tiny planktons mainly and are gentle.They only to inhale sea water including planktons.When I had looked at him from bottom of the sea、I felt him looks like a big adpoles.(Hanifaru Bay/Baa Atoll、Maldive) ダイバーが襲われているわけではない。ジンベエザメは魚類で最大の大きさだが、主食はプランクトンで性質も穏やか。海水ごとプランクトンを吸い込んでいるに過ぎない。海の底から見上げると、大きなオタマジャクシみたいだ